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Meet Briana

Briana Wyatt, MBA is trained in business strategy along with the classical yogic philosophies of pranayama, asana, mantra, meditation and Ayurveda.  Her clients include CEOs, Founders,  mothers and amazing women looking for more creativity, purpose and success!

Certified as a 200 hour yoga instructor with an additional 200 hours of Vedic Therapy training, Briana believes that breath, mantra and soulful strategy are our personal tools for healing, not only ourselves, but our families, business and communities. By centering our thoughts in our hearts and truly living in our bodies, we discover the peace and presence to cultivate compassion and creativity, and live our purpose.

Along with being a Life Coach and Yoga/Meditation Teacher, Briana is also a Business Consultant and Adjunct Professor. Briana earned a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and International Business from San Diego State University. Briana spent a semester of her MBA program immersed in international business at Universidad de Salvador in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Prior to teaching at FIDM and National University, Briana worked as a Business Development and Outreach Professional for SDSU.

Briana is a mother, military spouse and seeker of love, joy and wisdom. She loves the sunny San Diego lifestyle, playing with her two joyous babies, spending time with family and friends,  soaking up the sun and, of course, coaching and collaborating in the community.