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Is your organization looking for workshops and presentations tailored to you? Workshops allow us to meet in small group settings and delve into specific topics focused on your organizational goals.

Workshops topics include:

  • Creating more balance and ease into your life
  • Reflecting and journaling on your path to inner peace
  • Discovering the science behind the healing powers of meditation
  • Moving from your “fight or flight” to a state of “rest and digest”
  • Inviting more healing and self-care into your life
  • Practicing pranayama (breathing) techniques for greater relaxation
  • Creating soulful strategies for success

Through these programs, participants can discover reduced stress, emotional and physical healing, as well as more clarity and creativity. Let’s connect and build a program that’s right for you!

To learn more about creating a personalized program for your organization, please email me at Briana@BrianaWyatt.com or call me directly at 770.815.3047.