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Hello! Welcome to your first step on this wonderful discovery of JOY, CREATIVITY, and PURPOSE!

I am Briana and I believe that we are all here to live a life of joy, creativity, and purpose. I am here to coach and guide you to learn tools and clear the path to uncover your happiest, most authentic self!

What are your goals? Are there areas of your life you feel stuck? Are there feelings and emotions that you are looking to let go? Are you just looking for ways to break through the daily grind to discover more joy, or feel like you want to express yourself in more creative ways?  You came to the right place; I am here to understand your goals, teach you new tools and guide you toward success!

With a BA in Sociology and Masters in Business Administration, I love to learn and discover the best ways to serve others by being ME! This lead me to train in the modalities of classical yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, and dream coaching. From years of personal practice, experience and training, I am here to offer you individual, personalized coaching sessions for mental, spiritual and physical growth and transformation. I also offer workshops and group coaching as well as various free seva (community service) events throughout San Diego.

Together, we will create a program to discover your JOY, CREATIVITY, and PURPOSE. Your individualized program integrates the sacred wisdom of yogic texts and can include tools such as:

  • Mantra
    • Sacred vibrations that attune us to our source and support our goals and growth. Mantras can include a powerful and simple, “I Am” to a ancient Sanskrit invocation of “Aham Bramasmi”
  •  Meditation
    • Whether you have been meditating for years and need guidance to delve deeper, or you are just scratching the surface with an interest in meditation, I will give you the tools to create a practice tailored just for you! Meditation helps each of use connect to our Source: That place deep within us that is pure light and love. Meditation will help you connect to your creativity, find deep peace, create balance and find a natural rhythm.
  •  Pranayama
    • Using our breath, or life force to direct healing and connect to not only our body, but also our Source.
  •  Asana
    • Through movement, or meditation in motion, we connect body and breath and can relive not only physical pain but also mental unrest.
  •  Ayurveda
    • The sister science to yoga, this is the science of life. A ancient way of living that has immediate and applicable affects on our modern lives.
  • Journaling and Dream Coaching
    • By setting concrete goals and holding ourselves accountable, be become our own cheerleader and coach. We begin to strengthen our self-compassion and make choices to create a more meaningful, joyous life.

Theses tools cultivate awareness, expand consciousness, foster compassion and create your path for healing and happiness!

I offer holistic in-person coaching here in beautiful San Diego, but can be available via phone or video conference to meet your needs.  Working one on one allows us to discover your unique physical, emotional, and mental characteristics and design an individual program to fit your lifestyle and meet your personal goals. Have a few friends that are curious and want to create a group coaching opportunity? We can get creative and make it happen!

Sound like fun? Are you in? Call or email me to book a FREE 15 minute consultation to see if my offerings are right for you! Reach me at Briana@BrianaWyatt.com or call 770.815.3047

Are you ready to live the life of your dreams? Let’s get started! Learn more and BOOK HERE! 

I look forward to our connection, collaboration and creativity!

In joy,

Briana Wyatt